• Quick Elevation Adjustment with Digital Display

Quick Yardage Adjustment. Easily programmed with the use of one button. Simply set the 10 and 20 yard markers and the sight calculates and sets the remaining yardages automatically.

**Please read all instructions carefully before installation**

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NI-205 Digi-Draw Programming Instructions

Step 1 Mount sight to bow and adjust windage (center shot)

Step 2 Turn sight on by holding red button 6 seconds.

Step 3 Adjust knob to 10 yard confirmed factory setting. Sight in the 10 yard pin at 10 yards by moving the entire sight up or down.

Step 4 Move digital readout to 20 yard setting, which is in the Unconfirmed Mode. (Initial programming must be set in sequence, 20, 30, 40, 50, etc.).

Step 5 Hold down red button 3 seconds until the desired yardage flashes fast (every ˝ second) putting the yardage in the Setting Mode. Then shoot and adjust the pin at the desired yardage by moving the pin up or down by rotating the knob at the end of the arm (the readout should not change). After sighting the desired yardage, hold the red button for 3 seconds to confirm that setting. The desired yardage will stop flashing and this will complete the setting for that yardage. Note: If you hold the red button for 6 seconds the unit will shut off and you will have to reset your last setting.

Step 6 Move the pin to the 30, 40, 50, etc and repeat step 5 using the desired yardage (30, 40, 50, etc).

NI-205 Digi Draw Read Out Functions

Unconfirmed Mode 3 Seconds On-1 Second Off (desired yardage is not set)

Setting Mode ˝ Second On-1/2 Second Off (desired yardage is being set)

Confirmed Mode Continuous On (desired yardage is set)

Rules of Operation

The distance between confirmed settings or pin gap, must increase with each setting. Example: the pin gap between 20 & 30 yards will be less that the pin gap for 30 to 40. If you try to set the pin gap less than the distance between the previous setting for the second time, the sight will question all settings therefore putting all settings into the “Unconfirmed Mode” meaning that you will have to confirm all prior settings.

Note: It is a good practice to mark the “mylar tape” during programming

If at any time a confirmed setting needs to be adjusted, move the pin to the desired setting (10, 20, 30, etc), hold the red button for 3 seconds to place in the (unconfirmed mode) then follow Step 4 to change the desired setting.
This product has a 2 year warranty for defects and workmanship with proof of purchase. Any tampering or modification to the sight will void warranty.




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