• Exclusive 20 inches of 0.030" light gathering fiber optic.
  • The brightest pendulum bow sight on the market
  • Patent no. 6601308

Bravo NI-126 Sight Instructions

Please read all instructions before starting.

  1. Slide the elevation into the windage adjustment bar and lightly tighten in the middle of the bar.
  2. Slide the windage bar onto the bracket and lightly tighten.
  3. Mount the entire assembly to the bow riser.
  4. Set the windage at 1/8" outside the center shot of the bow.
  5. Lock the ring by pushing the inner ring forward, then push down the stop button.
  6. Get close to the target and shoot the first arrow at the target.
  7. Now move to the 20 yard range. Adjust the elevation up if the arrow hits the target high and down if the arrow hits the target low.
  8. If the arrow hits left or right, move the windage to the point of the arrow impact.
  9. After completion of the 20 yard adjustments, move to an elevated position, release the stop button, shoot an arrow and check for impact.
  10. The arrows should impact the target from distances as close as 5 yards to as far away as 30 yards. Depending on the bow and arrow combination, the distance from 5 to 30 yards might vary. Only practice will determine the exact distance for your setup.



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