• Pendulum sight on adjustable side bracket for more versatility
  • Pendulum sight with ground level adjustability
  • With 20 inches of light gathering fiber optics

All Terrain CamoNI-175 Sight Instructions

Please read all instructions before starting.

  1. Insert the aperture to the clamp and bracket assembly and lightly tighten.
  2. Mount the entire assembly to the bow riser.
  3. Set the windage at 1/8" left of center shot of the bow (right handed bow).
  4. Loosen the thumb screws and push the adjusting pin to the bottom most position.
  5. Lock the ring by pushing the inner ring forward then push the stop button down.
  6. Get close to the target and shoot the first arrow at the target.
  7. If you shoot high, remove the aperture clamp and move up to the next set of tapped holes. (Sometimes it is necessary to rotate the aperture bracket 180 degrees to get it to the proper location).
  8. Move to the 20 yard range. Mark this yardage with the bottom yardage marker.
  9. Tighten all screws being careful not to over tighten.
  10. After completion of the 20 yard adjustments, move to an elevated position, release the stop button, shoot an arrow and check for impact. You might have to move the pin setting to get an exact shot placement. Once you are satisfied, tighten the lower yardage indicator at this time.
  11. Depending on your bow and arrow setup, the arrows should impact the target from distances as close as 5 yards to as far away as 30 yards. Only practice will determine the exact distance for your setup.

Note: With the All Terrain Pendulum the archer has the option of setting the sight for multiple ground distances. First, push the rubber stop pin down to hold the pendulum in place and shoot from a longer distance. When the distance is acquired, set the other two yardage markers accordingly.



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